"We utilized Jet Pitch to help us recruit for one of our premier MBA leadership programs. Jet Pitch gave us a richer, more insightful experience in getting to know candidates from the start. Jet Pitch saved us a considerable amount of time to more efficiently evaluate candidates based on our key criteria. Moreover, the video functionality is a great feature that allows us to see a further way in which candidates can really stand out."
Niccolò Franchi
Global Digital Strategy
GE Corporate
"Jet Pitch is a welcome and much-needed addition to the interview process -- it gives both students and recruiters a great tool to make better decisions. It's amazing we've gone this long without it!"
Jodi Glickman
Founder & President
Great on the Job
"Jet Pitch goes beyond the natural stopping point of a resume. It allows you to actually experience the vitality, passion and clarity of a candidate forced to condense their career and ambition in less than one minute. It allows you to conveniently review a number of qualified candidates so as to find the right candidates for the next and far more expensive stage of the interview process."
James Jesserer
Vice President of Sales
Thorlo Inc.
"Technology and innovation definitely shape the world. With Jet Pitch, its almost as if those two got together to produce a beautiful gift. The world is constantly propelling toward digitization, so who are we not to get on with the movement? Jet Pitch lifts the blinders from our eyes and makes us feel slightly shameful and uncomfortable for having let the resume hold its head position as chief cornerstone for so long. By fusing video capabilities and the resume together, this company is expedient to all parties. There is no doubt that Jet Pitch has earned the title of trailblazer. Whatever you do don't miss out on them! Whatever you do don't miss out on them!"
Shalisa Spence
Elizabeth City State University
Class of 2012
"Jet Pitch offers a 21st Century innovative multimedia solution to connect students and companies in this increasingly competitive job market."
Dr. Donald F. Kuratko
The Jack M. Gill Chair of Entrepreneurship & Professor of Entrepreneurship
Kelley School of Business, Indiana University - Bloomington
"Putting oneself in the shoes of any recruiter, I can only imagine the number of assumptions one makes based on a person's Name, School, Location, etc. Is "Leslie" a male or female? Can this person communicate in English? Can this person handle New York? With hundreds if not thousands of resumes to look through I can only imagine how many fall through the cracks because a recruiter had to make an assumption based on a resume. However, with Jet Pitch, recruiters can now see and hear candidates reducing the risk of making the wrong assumption."
Dennis Kim
Corporate Development Manager
Owens Corning
"It is well known the importance of first impressions. First impressions are key for recruiters to determine if a job candidate is a good fit for a position. Jet Pitch is an innovative tool that give recruiters in a true first impression of potential candidates in a way that traditional resumes cannot."
Maulin Shah
Finance Advisory Senior
Ernst & Young
"Jet Pitch is an invaluable tool that enables candidates to stand out in a competitive job market and helps bring their resume to life. Employers tend to look at both experience and fit when making hiring decisions. Jet Pitch gives candidates the opportunity to provide employers with additional insight into personality and skills they possess that may not come through easily on a resume. Jet Pitch can open employment doors and help job candidates land the career of their dreams."
Neelam Patel
Marketing Associate
Nescafe at Nestle USA
"In the new economy, strong interpersonal skills, especially verbal and non-verbal persuasive communication, are crucial to professional success in any job. Therefore, the traditional resume and cover letter applications are no long enough for 21st Century organizations to identify candidates whose education, technical knowledge, and persuasive communication skills will add the most value to their organization. JetPitch services are uniquely positioned to fill this gap and provide a win-win service for both candidates and employers. Indeed, for candidates, JetPitch provides the opportunity to leverage technology to introduce themselves to employers via dynamic videos that help them highlight their relevant education and technical skills, along with their communication skills. For employers, JetPitch offers the opportunity to optimize their recruiting process by reviewing online videos of candidates they cannot meet through their on-campus recruiting efforts. JetPitch services offer new and unique ways for talented communicators to connect with employers and opportunities faster."
Mrim Boutla, Ph.D.
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
More Than Money Careers, LLC
"A fundamental problem recruiters face these days is how different a candidate can look on paper versus real life. After spending the time and money to bring a candidate in for an interview, recruiters frequently find that though the interviewee possesses all the required technical skills, they lack the confidence and social intelligence to succeed. Jet Pitch offers a solution to this problem by allowing recruiters to analyze a prospective interviewee beyond the resume in an easy and efficient way."
Brian Jun
Finance Leadership Rotation Program
Nationwide Insurance
"With intense competition between more technically qualified candidates than ever, Jet Pitch offers an elegant way for recruiters to differentiate candidates on the all-important aspect of "fit." Jet Pitch provides candidates a professional way to bring themselves to life in the eyes of a recruiter, and to make sure they stand out among applicants, in a way that a printed resume just cannot do."
Jessica Keigley
Assistant Brand Manager
The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company
"The Jet Pitch team was professional, patient, and very easy to work with. They created a great-looking profile for our program that we are proud to share with the community!"
Kelly McIntyre
Western Carolina University
MBA Program Coordinator